Who are we?

A à Z Performance has a multi-skilled team at the ready, with the experience to meet all your technical needs.

We specialise in documentation, training and technical support in several sectors: agriculture, public works, automotive, trucks, handling, railway and forestry...

Documentation technique  Technical documentation

Technical documentation is essential today for all technical equipment. It must be complete, clear, concise and easy to use.

A à Z Performance can meet all your documentation needs such as user manuals, repair manuals, parts catalogs, training manuals ...

Our expertise

Each document is made by a technician/ writer team for a better quality regarding the content and the style. Thanks to this expertise we can support the entire life cycle of a document.

Our way to work

AaZ Performance main philosophy is to be able to adapt to the different demands. Each technical document is unique as it takes into account several features: which company? Which machine? Which user? Which purpose?

Our tools

Thanks to our “tools box” we can adapt to the client’s documentation system or propose what would be for us the best solution according to your project.

 Suite Office
 Illustrator & Photoshop
 Logiciels CAO
 Automation Studio (electric and hydraulic diagrams)
 Système XML

The translation

Translations FR>EN and EN>FR are made internally.

All our translators are experienced technicians with a technical lexical feed adapted to products: no literal translation!

Our translations are carried out by a team of experts whose mother tongue is English or Spanish, this implies an irreproachable quality of work.

For others languages we work with reliable translators team. Translations are made from the source language to the target language without intermediary tongue in order to minimize mistakes.

Translation concepts are included at the beginning to optimize reutilisation and costs.


            User manual                     Notice d'utilisation

It contains:



 Safety elements




Our manuals meet the machine standards 2006/42/CE.

Notice de mise en service            Operating instructions manual             

It contains essential elements for the first machine use:

 Checks at receipt

 Adjustments before the start

         Electrical and hydraulic diagrams


We realise your electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic standardized diagrams for an internal use or an external diffusion.

 Electric diagrams     

 Hydraulic diagrams  

          Target time manual               Manuel des temps de réparation

Thanks to the target time manual you will know the time dedicated to a technical operation on a machine. Our technicians realise those operations on site or in our workshop in order to complete it.

       Parts catalog

We made your parts catalogs from different sources:

 3D assembly       Assemblage 3D

 hydraulic/ electrical diagrams pictures Photos et schémas hydrauliques/ électriques

            Workshop manual               Manuel d'atelier

It contains:

 High-level technical specifications

 Functioning principle

 Error code

 Calibration, configuration

 Disassembly/ reassembly operations

 Electrical, hydraulic diagrams

           Training manual

We make your training documents, designed for your needs and the desired level, for:

 schools, MFR...  Manuel de formation écoles, MFR

 Manufacturers, dealers  Manuel de formation constructeurs, concessionnaires

            Method sheet               Fiche méthode

For an internal use, designed for technicians and containing assembly, connexion instructions...

            Technical poster               Affiche technique

We realise technical posters in order to visualised technical information, such as for example, electrical, hydraulic components location...

           Simulator               Simulateur

Simulator enables to reproduce the functioning and the use of a program, an operation panel...

            Navigator               Navigateur

We make navigators to broadcast your documents by the way of an ergonomic and company-branded interface.

          Diagnostic sheet        

We realise diagnostic procedures in order to support technician, in a more or less detailed way, while searching for breakdowns. 

Diagnostic procedures could be targeted:



 Error codes

 Technology (hydraulic, electrical, ...)

 Any other approach suitable for your company

   Technical training

With machines and systems even more complex, targeted and appropriate training is paramount.

We can provide you trainings in many areas: engine, transmission, electrical / electronic, computer (diagnostics), hydraulic, pneumatic...

Our expertise

Our qualified trainers are at least graduated of the baccalauréat plus 2 years' higher education in the machinery sector.

They are close and familiar with machinery manufacturers. Coming from various areas, they have a wide range of technical skills like agronomy to different domains of technical machines.

Moreover, thanks to our service activity we are close to the technician and we can put ourselves in his position to provide a training as close to the reality as possible.

Our way to work "à la carte"

We provide a complete training: we start from a blank page and make the inquiry on systems, the realisation of training documents, the training organization.

We provide a made-to-measure training: we also propose you a combined solution: we can adapt existing training documents according to your needs.

We hold your trainings: we also have the option to only hold your training providing a technical trainer according to your training needs.

We put our premises are at your disposal: Then, we can propose you to make our premises available to you with a training room, an entirely equipped workshop for an efficient implementation inside but also outside if wanted.

Our tools

A training place totally equipped:

icone A training room with a direct access to the workshop

icone Equipped workshop

icone Outsides

salle de formation

Service Technique    Technical service

A à Z Performance offers its clients tailored technical support combined with flexibility.

Our teams can work on site or off-site according to your requirements.

Our vehicles are fully equipped allowing us to respond to your requests throughout the European territory.

Our expertise

We operate the reconditioning, maintenance, prototype assembly, equipment preparation for demonstration or commercial events, prototype tests, securing, quality audit,...

All those services are made by independent, adaptable and qualified technicians.

Our way to work

We work on demand and can propose you:

 Technicians intervention on your site as backup in your activity

icone Technicians intervention on our site.

icone Technicians intervention on site.

Our tools

Our AaZ site is totally equipped and adapted to interventions on machines

icone Our vehicles fleet dedicated to interventions on the customer site or on exterior sites.

icone Our equipment adapted to interventions on machines.



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